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Level System

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Using the level system empowers the clients, who can assess how they are doing with the food and other aspects of the treatment process and, in collaboration with their treatment team, propose and explore a move to the next level when they feel ready for more challenges, freedom and responsibility.

We know people presenting with eating and exercise disorders can, with effective treatment and support, restore a healthy relationship with food and activity and go on to become fully recovered. Our program was designed around the concept that each client has a core healthy self but who, over time, develops an eating disorder self that powers the urges, thoughts, behaviors associated with these complicated illnesses. The Monte Nido level system provides the appropriate structure for clients to develop and strengthen their awareness and abilities to distinguish between their “healthy self” and “eating disorder self.” The levels also provides a structure for clients to take on increasingly higher levels of responsibility for their treatment and recovery and helps to teach them how to build and sustain full recovery.

Level 1

Clients are given the necessary support to begin achieving behavior abstinence.

Level 2

Clients are able to engage and begin challenging eating disorder thoughts and behaviors with experiences like food portioning, supervised exercise and gradual decreases in staff observation.

Level 3

Clients have demonstrated the consistent self awareness, accountability and motivation for recovery and are given opportunities to practice newly learned skills in a personalized set of therapeutic, food and relational challenges.

Level 4

Clients are able to be more autonomous with food, relationships and recovery. This level provides clients with the ability to spend more time on their own, and to manage their own food choices, meal preparation and scheduling, while still using the support of the treatment team.