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Part Three: Group Therapy

Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Philadelphia Primary Therapist Kate Funk, MS, MFT shares the final part of her series focused on group therapy. Kate shares part of her journey in eating disorder treatment in her writing, as well as, some of the experiences of Monte Nido alumni. We are thankful to Kate and all of our alumni who offered some of their personal recovery journey in the hopes of helping others. 

S explained the unparalleled bonds that she formed in treatment. S writes, “Monte Nido opened my eyes to a new family that I formed throughout my time there. The friends that I met there carried me through when I forgot how to put one foot in front of the other. They saw me at my darkest and lowest points and did not turn their backs on me. They supported me, cared for me, even loved me when I couldn’t love myself and that might be the most powerful transition that I experienced through having a milieu. To say that I gained new friends while at Monte Nido does not do justice to the depth of the relationship that is formed when you are in groups and in a milieu together for an extended amount of time. It’s more than that. When you are fighting for your life every day alongside the brave warriors next to you, you form a bond deeper than friendship. When you fight a war together, no one else can truly understand what the war was like if you weren’t there, and that is something that is like a hidden secret among those that went to battle with you. Having that depth of understanding and compassion for one another is what has helped me to grow and continue to grow in my recovery”.

While the benefit of group treatment is undeniable, having treatment friends can be tricky. L writes, “Having friends from treatment can be tricky, especially when you worry for them if they are struggling. But in some ways, it’s no different than supporting any other friend going through a period of illness, as long as doing so does not interfere with one’s own recovery process. So besides being a source of mutual support throughout recovery, treatment friendships have also taught me to set healthy boundaries in relationships”. Eating disorders can certainly be triggered by those around us especially in early recovery; and I love how L reminds us that setting healthy boundaries is incredibly important in life, not just recovery. Regardless of the support circle you surround yourself with protecting your recovery is vital!

No matter the term you use; treatment friends, treatment family, peers, milieu all of these define the same powerful and healing connection. At Monte Nido we work to wean people off their unhealthy relationship with food and body and onto healthy relationships with others. In treatment we start by modeling healthy relationships among staff and help our clients create those deep connections with one another. Connections forged in treatment can be life changing and ultimately help clients build the confidence and support they need to do so in their world!


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