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Monte Nido


  • Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Glen Cove, NY

Monte Nido


  • Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Glen Cove, NY

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Monte Nido Glen Cove

Like our other residential programs, Monte Nido Glen Cove will offer a state-of-the-art, evidenced-based program opening in Spring of 2019. Monte Nido Glen Cove is situated in a tranquil neighborhood of historic homes on the north shore of Long Island. Our treatment approach focuses on the restoration of physiological and nutritional balance, the implementation of healthy eating and exercise routines, the elimination of destructive behaviors and the development of motivation and treatment engagement. We also emphasize the development of insight and coping skills for the emotional and psychological issues that create risk for relapse and can represent barriers to becoming fully recovered. Our objective is to help each client achieve a clear understanding of their eating and/or exercise disorder and its effect on their life, as well as an individualized appreciation of what is necessary for their personal recovery. 

Program Components

  • Psychiatric and medical management and treatment
  • Evidence based and state-of-the-art protocols backed by a high success rate demonstrated in our outcome study
  • Programming for adults and adolescents, integrated and age specific
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that includes recovered professionals
  • High amount of individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapy that solidifies and establishes other components of treatment
  • Family therapy including individual family sessions, weekly multi-family groups and once a month two-day family weekend
  • Unique level system that meets the client where they are and re-evaluates the client as they progress through the program
  • A natural environment conducive to healing

Financial Considerations

At Monte Nido & Affiliates, our goal is to help make treatment accessible and we are committed to working with families to access care. Please see our Financial Considerations page for more information. Please contact us at to inquire.


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We make sure your submissions are confidential.
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A Letter from our Senior Director of East Coast Clinical Programming

At Monte Nido, we believe you and your loved ones can connect to a place of hope – a place where your eating disorder doesn’t feel necessary to cope. Within our community, there is space to not only speak your truth and face your fears, but experience laughter, friendship and adventure. Part of this adventure is empowering you to connect to a healthy sense of self that will move you toward being fully recovered. It won’t always be easy, but together we will explore without judgment and new skills will be integrated into your daily life leading to subtle yet powerful transformations. This growth is the gift that truly makes this difficult yet amazing journey of recovery so worthwhile.

Melissa Coffin, Senior Director of East Coast ClinicalSincerely,
Melissa Coffin, PhD, CEDS

Alumni Groups

We are pleased to offer weekly alumni groups at each of our programs. For more information, please contact the program from which you graduated or email to find the closest available group.

Treatment Center Staff | Glen Cove, NY

Amanda Marcus

Clinical Director
MD. Joel Jahraus | Chief Medical Officer

Joel Jahraus

Chief Medical Officer

Judith Mosesso

Assistant Clinical Director

Julia Vukicevic

Director of East Coast Nutrition Services

Melissa Tract

Primary Therapist

Michelle Murdolo

Registered Dietitian

Molly McShane

Medical Director

Nicole Aldebot

Program Manager

Paul Copobianco

Medical Doctor

Sharon Clare

Nurse Manager