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Monte Nido has provided residential treatment for women and girls; and day treatment for women, girls and males for over 20 years. If you have decided to get help for your eating or exercise disorder at one of our Monte Nido programs, we are here to assist you and make it as easy as possible. The process for admission is as follows »

  • Telephone our admissions office at 1-888-891-2590 or email us at . One of our skilled admissions specialists will talk with you and gather some information. You will have the opportunity to discuss your specific situation, your or your loved one’s needs and what you would like to achieve under our care.
  • During this initial discussion, we will also gather information needed to check any insurance benefits you may have. We will then send your self-assessment and medical information to you, with ‘how to’ instructions.
  • Soon after this step, we will discuss with you the findings of any insurance benefits you have as well as review your self-assessment. At this point you will be on your way to setting an admission date and location. Most importantly, you will be taking the first steps on the path to recovery!

Learning to feed oneself and be at peace in one’s body is difficult. At Monte Nido you don’t have to be ready to give up your eating disorder. We are here to show you how and help you decide. 

Eating and exercise disorders are not only about food and weight but about a disordered self looking for acceptance and approval, and finding it, however temporarily, through the pursuit of thinness, fitness or the comfort of food. Eating and exercise disorder symptoms are the voice through which the body expresses unmet needs, conflicts, and pain. 

Our eating disorder treatment philosophy is that you can be “recovered” where the goal is not only the absence of symptoms, but the resolution of whatever problems or needs your eating disorder behaviors are trying to express. We are confident that our empathetic and individualized approach is combined with the best professional help available to help you accomplish that goal. 

We know it is difficult to chose a treatment program from a website. We are happy to arrange for you to talk with former clients, family members and professionals who refer to our programs. They can answer other questions you have and may be able to help you make a decision.  We are confident that you will find Monte Nido provides all the components necessary not only for recovery from an eating disorder but for creating a fulfilling life.

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