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Family Work and Life-Enhancing Experiences

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Family & Significant Others

Family and significant others are important members of the treatment team. Family work at Monte Nido encompasses family therapy sessions, family meals with and without staff support, passes and even overnight excursions. All of these experiences are important to help facilitate full recovery. A Family/Significant Other group is scheduled every week; although we realize many significant others may not be able to attend every group. A family weekend program is scheduled once a month. The program includes group sessions, educational presentations, shared meals and opportunities to meet with the clinical team. We view the family weekend as an essential part of our clinical program and highly encourage everyone to participate.

Each client’s therapist helps to establish specific relationship and family goals on a weekly basis. Individual family sessions are scheduled on a regular basis, adjusted accordingly for each client’s unique family needs. If family members or significant others cannot travel to the facility, we set up phone or video conference sessions.

Life-Enhancing Experiences

Monte Nido believes eating and exercise disorders can rob someone from the ability to enjoy life. We also believe focusing on eradicating the disorder is not enough. We want to help clients find things to replace the disorder, helping them sustain their motivation to get better and enhance their ability to enjoy what life has to offer. We will help you explore and address what you are recovering from, but equally important finding out what you are recovering to. With this goal in mind, Monte Nido programs place an emphasis on providing life-enhancing experiences. All of our clients, regardless of the level of structure and support they might currently need, spend time on outings at least two times per week. These outings not only provide opportunities for clients to challenge themselves and build skills for managing their eating disorder, they also help in building the capacity for relating to others and the community. We believe this ability to connect and reach out to others is a cornerstone of recovery.

Life enhancing experiences may include:

  • Museums, plays, and movies
  • Beach and mountain outings, walks and experiences
  • Restaurants and food shopping
  • Bowling
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry making
  • Psychodrama
  • Additional experiences and outings, as appropriate, developed in collaboration between clients and their treatment team