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At Monte Nido, adults and adolescents of all genders can receive treatment at one of Monte Nido’s Joint Commission accredited residential or day treatment programs, providing group therapy modalities, nutrition education, meal support, mindfulness training, medical and psychiatric oversight, and psychotherapeutic support. One of the hallmarks of treatment at Monte Nido is how deeply and genuinely we care about our clients and their experience with us, and we take pride in providing highly individualized and informed care for each client on the path to full recovery.

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Here’s what past Monte Nido clients have to say about their experience

  • “The individual sessions and exposures with movement during treatment helped me immensely.” – alumni, Monte Nido Chicago
  • “Meeting other clients who understand what it’s like to have an eating disorder allowed me to feel comfortable in my own healing.” – alumni, Monte Nido East Bay
  • “My therapist was a big part of my time at Monte Nido Glen Cove, and an important one.” – alumni, Monte Nido Glen Cove
  • “I gained some amazing friends who I’ll value forever. And more importantly, I also regained my life.” – alumni, Monte Nido Glen Cove
  • “The caring staff and peers made all the difference during my time at Monte Nido Mountain Nest.” – alumni, Monte Nido Mountain Nest
  • “Learning to have body neutrality while being understood and feeling connection was a really important part of my treatment.” – alumni, Monte Nido Portland
  • “Some of the most meaningful parts of my treatment were the peer support, safe environment, and learning how to value myself.” – alumni, Monte Nido RainRock
  • “The community I found and felt during treatment positively impacted my recovery.” – alumni, Monte Nido RainRock
  • “The sessions with my primary therapist and dietician were some of the most significant parts of my treatment.” – alumni, Monte Nido River Towns
  • “The community, the group therapy, and individual therapy sessions during treatment were all beneficial to my recovery.” – alumni, Monte Nido Vista
  • “The support from the staff and my peers at Monte Nido Vista helped me get to where I am today.” – alumni, Monte Nido Vista
  • “I developed meaningful relationships with staff and other clients at Monte Nido Western New York that served as motivation to keep fighting.” – alumni, Monte Nido Western New York
  • “I formed new relationships, and I learned the ability to remove myself from my maladaptive environment and really focus on myself.” – alumni, Monte Nido Western New York

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