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Many potential clients and family members may ask, “Does your program work? Do you have any statistics on the benefits of treatment at Monte Nido?”

The goal of Monte Nido is to prepare each graduate with the tools necessary to continue on the path to full recovery. In 2018, Monte Nido began a comprehensive research study, approved by an Institutional Review Board, in order to assess treatment outcomes in our Residential, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) levels of care. Results indicate that patients experienced clinically and statistically significant reductions in eating disorder symptoms over the course of treatment in the Residential, PHP and IOP levels of care on nearly all scales. Additionally, results show clinically and statistically significant depression symptom reduction across levels of care. Specifically, our patients who consent to participate in our research study complete a series of questionnaires upon admission, transfer to a new level of care (stepping up or down), as well as upon discharge from the program. Additionally, we obtain follow-up data for patients who consent at specified time-points after their discharge. The surveys administered represent the gold standard of assessments for eating disorder pathology as well as depression, anxiety and trauma.

We have been evaluating the short- and long-term benefits of our services for decades, and have previously published the only peer-reviewed, decade-long, post-graduate outcome study on residential eating disorder clients. Our current research is an extension of our twenty-four year commitment to providing research-backed care. In addition to guiding treatment planning, this data allows leadership to track program effectiveness and identify areas for program development. As a company, we are continually evaluating whether we are providing the most effective and evidence-based interventions to our patients. This data is collected with the expectation of contributing to a growing body of research in the field of eating disorders.

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