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Medical & Nursing Oversight

medical & nursing oversight

At Monte Nido’s residential programs, there are high levels of medical and psychiatric oversight with 24-hour nursing in the comfort of a home.

Our comprehensive approach to eating disorder treatment puts a high level of importance on the significant and often critical nature of the role medical illness plays in both the evolution of the eating disorder, as well as the risks associated with medical complications.  We consider the complicated aspect of medical co-morbid illness that is often integrated with emotional health and the actual eating disorder itself.  Safety will always be our first concern as we work to address these medical issues. Following medical stabilization our primary treatment goal is to provide the individual with a clearer understanding of medical complications of eating disorders and how they can better address their physical and emotional needs which allows other therapies to be maximally productive.

Our psychiatrists are expert in understanding and addressing the interplay of eating disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders, and others. As integral members of the treatment team, our psychiatrists support clients’ journeys to lasting recovery by providing therapy, psychiatric medications or both in a safe and healing setting.

  • Psychiatric care at Monte Nido is provided by board-certified psychiatrists who perform initial psychiatric evaluations upon admission and follows each client throughout their stay.
  • Weekly sessions with the psychiatrist ensure proper medication management to treat eating disorder symptoms and co-morbid issues, such as mood, anxiety and trauma.
  • Psychiatrists are available 24/7 and are on call for emergencies.
  • The therapists, dietitians, nurses and doctors work closely together so we are able to offer the most comprehensive, compassionate care at every Monte Nido program.


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