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In our Joint-Commission accredited Monte Nido residential programs, we combine evidence-based treatment with strategies and protocols that have demonstrated success at all of our Monte Nido & Affiliates programs.

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Monte Nido’s program philosophy, combined with a highly trained and supportive staff, helps clients of all genders work in collaboration with their treatment team to understand their eating disorder, gain abstinence from behaviors and work on any psychological issues that complicate and/or perpetuate their eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. State-of-the-art treatment is provided through a combination of group therapy modalities, nutrition education, meal support, mindfulness training, medical and psychiatric care and psycho-therapeutic support. Clients work on behavior, mood, relationship, food and weight goals while they advance through our level system, gaining increased freedom and responsibility for handling recovery challenges. The tools, skills and ongoing support services help clients to become fully recovered and to maintain their recovery.

Monte Nido provides individualized treatment expected of all of our programs, including:

  • High levels of medical and psychiatric care, with 24-hour nursing, in the comfort of a home setting
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to address co-occurring PTSD in all programs, providing the ability to seamlessly continue this therapy through all levels of care
  • Motivational enhancement approaches to support behavior change with co-occurring substance use disorders
  • Nutritional programming that meets differing nutritional needs
  • Skills development through evidence-based treatments such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • High staff-to-client ratio and comprehensive discharge planning

Our gender and HAES-informed care reflects the following in all residential programs:

  • Recognition that healthy, recovered people come in all shapes and sizes
  • Behavior focused, rather than weight focused philosophies
  • Recognition that all bodies deserve to be nourished and experience satiety
  • Openness and accessibility of our kitchens and foods in a homelike setting
  • Ability to request and be provided more food for nourishment and/or satiety
  • Belief that weight loss attempts and focus are contraindicated for recovery from all eating disorder diagnoses

Effective Care

Many potential clients and family members may ask, “Does your program work?” “Do you have any statistics on the benefits of treatment at Monte Nido?” We have been evaluating the short- and long-term benefits of our services for some years now and have published the only peer-reviewed decade-long postgraduate outcome study of residential eating disorder clients. The vast majority of our clients demonstrated significant changes in symptoms and behaviors from admission to discharge and maintained those improvements throughout the course of the study.

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