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In our Monte Nido residential programs, we combine evidence-based treatment with strategies and protocols that have demonstrated success at all of our Monte Nido & Affiliates programs.

  • In March of 1996, Carolyn Costin became a pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders. She opened the doors to Monte Nido (“Mountain Nest”) in Malibu, California — the first residential healing center in a tranquil, homelike setting. She was also the first founder of a program who was open about her own recovery, and the first to hold the belief that individuals who suffer from eating disorders can become fully recovered. Her treatment philosophies guide every aspect of our care.

Our philosophy, combined with a highly trained and supportive staff, helps clients work in collaboration with the treatment team to understand their eating disorder, gain symptom control, and work on any psychological issues that complicate and/or perpetuate their eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. State of the art treatment is provided through a combination of group therapy modalities, nutrition education, meal support, mindfulness training and psychotherapeutic support. Clients at Monte Nido’s residential programs work on behavior, mood, relationships, food and weight goals while they advance through our level system, gaining increased freedom and responsibility for handling recovery challenges. The tools, skills and ongoing support services help clients achieve and maintain recovery.

Monte Nido provides the individualized treatment that is expected of all of our programs, including:

  • Psychiatric and medical management and treatment
  • Evidence based and state-of-the-art protocols backed by a high success rate demonstrated in our outcome study
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that includes recovered professionals
  • High amount of individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapy that solidifies and establishes other components of treatment
  • Family therapy including individual family sessions, weekly multi-family groups and once a month two day family weekend
  • Unique level system that meets the client where they are and re-evaluates the client as they progress through the program
  • A natural environment conducive to healing