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Monte Nido: A Program You’ve Trusted for 22 Years

It’s incredibly difficult to keep track of what each program provides and who each program “is” in the eating disorder industry. We know when a family asks you to recommend a program that treats eating disorders, you’re taking their lives in your hands. We know they ask you, “Does the program work? How do you know this program will help my loved one achieve recovery from their eating disorder?”

One of the reasons Monte Nido has been the leader for two decades is because we began tracking how effective our treatment was when we opened our doors in 1996 in Malibu, CA.  Subsequently, Monte Nido published the first and most respected outcome study of its kind and became the trusted name synonymous with “eating disorder treatment.” Our ten-year longitudinal, peer-reviewed research demonstrates our effectiveness and to what extent clients benefit long-term from treatment at Monte Nido. Our findings showed the following:

  • Anorexia Nervosa: 89% of clients were classified as having a good or intermediate outcome at 4.6 years post-graduation on average
  • Bulimia Nervosa: 81% of clients were classified as having a good or intermediate outcome at 3.8 years post-graduation on average

We’ve remained consistent with our treatment approaches because we know that they work. We’ve retained the core programmatic philosophy while always incorporating new evidence-based modalities as clinically indicated. California has been home to our two residential and two day treatment programs for twenty-two years; Monte Nido is proud to be the name you’ve trusted when you need a team of tenured clinicians and proven outcomes that your client will experience and benefit from.


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