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Interview with Norah Wynne MA, LMFT, Clinical Director

How long have you worked at Monte Nido? I started with Monte Nido at the original site in Calabasas on February 1, 2001.  It fascinates me how quickly twenty years can fly by.  More astounding than the rapid speed of time, though, is the fact that I can say I have not been bored working at Monte Nido for one minute.  This journey has allowed me to meet the best people on planet earth,  all clients and their families, all co-workers, all the wonderful teachers who I have been so lucky to mentored by.

How did you hear about Monte Nido? I was attending Antioch University when I met Gwen Grabb in late January of 2001.  Gwen referred me to interview for an internship at Monte Nido, because she thought I had would be a good fit.   Gwen suggested I go meet Carolyn Costin (who is one of the founders of MN&Affiliates) at an alumni retreat she was hosting.  I did so and Carolyn invited me to an interview.

What was your first job at Monte Nido and what was it like? My position at Monte Nido when I started was as a volunteer to learn and collect hours needed toward my licensure.  I was essentially a recovery coach who was client support whenever clients were out of their individual sessions and groups.

What’s your job now? I am currently the Clinical Director of the original Monte Nido program.  I have been a Volunteer, a paid staff as a Primary Therapist, Assistant Clinical Director, Clinical Director of Monte Nido Vista, Clinical Supervisor, and Clinical Director of Monte Nido.  I am proud to say, I have been a Clinical Supervisor for many interns who now have thriving practices and interns of their own.  Teaching and supporting people to reach their personal goals has been a great joy for me during these fast flying years.

What’s kept you at Monte Nido? Witnessing all the courage in our clients’ who walked the  paths toward wellness never ceases to amaze and inspire me as well as all the growth of each member of the Monte Nido team member I have been privileged to know.

What’s your favorite memory? On my first day of working at Monte Nido, I met my best friend who had already worked at Monte Nido for one year.  On that first day she asked me as we were walking out of work if I wanted to live with her.  I thought, “NO WAY!  This is weird and OMG why would you invite a perfect stranger to live with you on the first day you met them?”  I did decline the offer at that time but I did not know she would grow to be one of the dearest friends of my life.  We still laugh about that memory.  There have been so many memories over the years it is challenging to choose just one, I would put several together and tell you that I love the memories of all the people who did not think they could make the shifts in their lives to produce a recovered life and did so anyway!

Any final words, thoughts or wisdom? I am graced to participate in this organization which supplies me with mentorship, growth and lasting connection with all things possible, where I watch the miraculous happen on the regular.