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"Between the stimulus and response is a space. In this space lie our growth and happiness."

Steven Covey

Dual Treatment for Eating Disorder and Chemical Dependency 

Since its opening in 1996 Monte Nido & Affiliates has been successfully treating individuals who suffer from both an eating disorder and chemical dependency including alcohol abuse.  You do not need to go to a separate program to deal with each of these issues.

 Eating disorder symptoms and the abuse of drugs or alcohol serve the same or similar purposes and for successful recovery they have to be treated at the same time by professionals experienced in both.  Many individuals get treatment for chemical dependency while the eating disorder goes unnoticed.  This is likely to lead to neither issue being fully resolved and/or the eating disorder becoming worse over time.  Likewise if the eating disorder is addressed but not the use of drugs and alcohol to ease pain, numb out, distract or self soothe, chances are slim for full recovery from either.

Research indicates that individuals who suffer from both an eating disorder and chemical dependency (CD)  do better in an eating disorder facility than a program designed to treat CD. This makes sense on a variety of levels, for example, most CD programs are not equipped with specially trained eating disorder dietitians or therapists, protocols for individualized menus, observation after meals or how to prevent clients from binging on the available food. At a CD facility clients with an eating disorder can usually get away with several eating disorder behaviors because eating and post meal times are not closely monitored and scrutinized, clients are able to talk nursing staff into items such as laxatives and clients will find ways of binging, purging, exercising or fluid loading that most CD staff are not trained to detect.  At an eating disorder facility clients are highly supervised around eating and there are protocols in place to prevent and/or detect other eating disorder behaviors. If properly screened at admission and after any passes, clients in an eating disorder residential facility do not have access to alcohol or drugs so they cannot engage in CD behaviors and can be working with their therapist and 12 step sponsor to address their addiction.

Treatment at Monte Nido & Affiliates is highly individualized addressing both the symptoms and underlying issues such that each person's treatment plan is specific to any special needs.  With excellent medical, nursing and psychiatric care we have been able to get people off of their addiction to alcohol, cocaine and other stimulants, marijuana, pain medicine and several other unwarranted medications that were robbing the individual of healthy mind and body.

All our  therapists are trained to handle problems with eating disorders and chemical dependency.  Furthermore, we have therapists who have themselves recovered from their own dual addiction.  We arrange for involvement in 12 step meetings when appropriate and desired, and we work with your sponsor and/or help you find a sponsor.

The key to full recovery and the life you can have is to be able to reach out to others and eventually even to yourself instead of to food, or purging, or a number on the scale, or any substance in order to cope with problems or get your needs met.  We will help you learn to regulate your emotions and use alternative strategies so that you will never have to rely on a coping mechanism that in the end causes even more suffering.

If you would like to speak with graduates of Monte Nido & Affiliates who have suffered from an eating disorder and chemical dependency please call our office and we will facilitate this for you.
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