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Bulimia nervosa is a common mental health disorder that affects people of all ages, genders, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Characterized by a recurring cycle of episodes binge eating large amounts of food in a short period of time, individuals with bulimia nervosa also engage in compensatory behaviors to in an effort to purge the calories consumed. They also typically experience negative body image and a lack of self-control surrounding food and meals.

Seeking comprehensive bulimia nervosa treatment in Agoura Hills? At Monte Nido, our clients have access to the highest level of medical and psychiatric. Our residential bulimia nervosa treatment program has been specially designed to help clients create a positive relationship with food and find the tools that they need to take initial steps towards full recovery in a relaxed, luxurious and home-like setting.

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Navigating a Bulimia Nervosa Diagnosis in Agoura Hills

As you search for the best bulimia nervosa treatment center to fit your needs, it’s important to learn more about the potential health consequences you may be facing. While this information can be a lot to take in, with a strong support system and comprehensive treatment, long-term recovery is possible.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Loved ones may initially notice that people with bulimia nervosa have a preoccupation with weight loss and counting calories. They may become uncomfortable eating around others and isolate themselves as the symptomology develops.
  • Hiding and hoarding food is also very common. Binge eating typically takes place in secret, with large amounts of food disappearing. Individuals often experience a lack of self-control surrounding food during their binge eating episodes and may experience shame, guilt, and other negative feelings.
  • Purging behaviors will also become prevalent. Family members may notice frequent trips to the bathroom before and after meals, the signs of vomiting and a preoccupation with exercise.

Long-Term Bulimia Nervosa Health Effects

  • Frequent vomiting can cause people with bulimia nervosa to experience severe dehydration. Over time, this dehydration can result in electrolyte imbalances that affect normal heart function. If left untreated, clients may experience irregular heartbeat, heart failure and more.
  • Often, the foods eaten during a binge eating episode tend to be high in fats and sugars but low in protein. And even though many people with the disorder choose to vomit back up their food afterward, over time this practice can raise their blood sugar levels and lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Women with bulimia nervosa may find that they have infrequent periods, in some cases, they may stop having a menstrual period altogether. While most find that their menstrual cycle returns to normal several months or years after treatment, complications can continue for longer in rare cases.

The Good News – Bulimia Nervosa Disorder Recovery in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is a welcoming and beautiful city located conveniently in Los Angeles County. With impressive views of the Conejo Valley and easy access to LA, it’s a popular destination for those searching for some much-needed rest and relaxation. At Monte Nido bulimia nervosa treatment center, we believe Agoura Hills is a great location to begin the eating disorder treatment process.

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