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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Malibu, CA

If you believe you or someone you love has an eating disorder, please call: 888.228.1253

Binge eating disorder is one of the most common eating disorders in the United States. According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), there is an estimated 3.5 percent of women, and 2 percent of men will present this disorder at some point in their lives.  Binge eating disorders are three times more common than anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa combined. Therefore, binge eating disorder diagnosis is quite common.

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Binge eating disorder treatment involves a multifaceted approach to the psychology behind the issue and helping clients learn how to better handle their binge eating symptoms. At Monte Nido Mountain Nest, we provide both residential treatment and day treatment programs in a comfortable, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment.

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Symptoms & Side Effects of Binge Eating Disorders

Binge eating disorders can be a little harder to diagnose because the symptoms of the disorder are not always as obvious. It is a common misconception that anyone who overeats must have a binge eating disorder, but that is not the case. Binge eating as a disorder is characterized by:

  • Continuing to eat when full or hungry to a point that it is physically uncomfortable
  • Eating rapidly, almost uncontrollably during binge eating episodes
  • Feeling like the eating behavior is beyond control
  • Feeling ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed about eating behaviors

Additionally, people with a need for binge eating disorder recovery in Malibu may never show a lot of changes in their body size. There are several binge eating disorder side effects that can be quite worrisome as well, including a decreased quality of life, loss of interest in social interaction, depression, and problems with obesity.

The Necessary Components of Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Even though binge eating disorders can have similar attributes among every client, every client will have a different experience and have individualized needs. Therefore, it is important that the recovery plan created is specifically made to cater to the needs of the patient. Some of the necessary components of treatment for a binge eating disorder will include things like:

A Peek at the Beautiful Malibu Area

Widely known as one of the most beautiful beachside cities in sunny Southern California, Malibu is an ideal place to seek binge eating disorder therapy. Malibu is placed about 30 miles southwest of Los Angeles and is highly prized for its luxurious atmosphere, always-ideal climate, and 21 full miles of coastal beaches. In a place as warm and inviting as this, it is a lot easier to find reasons to be happy, so clients traveling for binge eating disorder therapy in Malibu walk away with a new appreciation for life.

If you believe you or someone you love has an eating disorder, please call: 888.228.1253