How Fitness Can Be About Something Other Than Changing Your Body

Certified yoga therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT shares an excerpt from her book, Body Mindful Yoga, which seeks to guide readers to learn how to affirm their bodies in this week’s blog post. The book includes a variety of mental, physical, auditory, and visual practices designed to help you establish an awareness of your inner dialogue and incorporate “body mindful” language into your life with the intention of improving body image and self-confidence. 

Motivational sayings about working out are highly beneficial for many people, inspiring them to make fitness a priority in their lives. However, sometimes words and phrases that incite the spirit of combat are embedded in motivational fitness language, making the act of exercise about battling or manipulating one’s body rather than enjoyment and health. Continue reading…

Exploring the Levels of Care Available at Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Effective eating disorder treatment centers offer different levels of care that allow for personalization of treatment to best suit each patient’s needs. Within these eating disorder treatment levels, individualized programs are designed for each client. Through the comprehensive intake assessment process, eating disorder therapists help patients find the appropriate level of care to help them reach their treatment goals. Each treatment center and level of care within will provide medical, psychiatric and clinical care from a group of skilled team members. These professionals work closely with patients to provide compassionate care every step of the way. Continue reading…

How to Find Your Reason to Recover and More Inspirational Articles

Join us in reading soulful articles we have cultivated from across the web. If you have found an article you feel is inspirational, explores current research, or is a knowledgeable piece of literature and would like to share with us please send an e-mail here.


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Men and Eating Disorder Recovery

Newport BeachMost of what we know about eating disorders is based on what we know about women with eating disorders. Most of what we know about men with eating disorders is based on what we know about conventional models of masculinity. Most of what the two of us know about either of these topics is heavily influenced by our own gender, sexual identities, and ethnic backgrounds. These are the limitations that we, as psychotherapists, bring to the room when working with males- an underserved population in the world of eating disorder treatment. By examining the differences and similarities between how males and females with eating disorders present clinically we hope to shed some light on issues to be aware of as clinicians and how we can move towards a more comprehensive treatment of the eating disorder population. Continue reading…

Reframing the New Year’s Resolution

Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Philadelphia Primary Therapist Kate Funk, MS, MFT  offers advice in navigating new years resolutions and how to honor your past, while looking to the future. Read on to learn more from Kate…

If you do a quick Google search of New Year’s resolutions, you will find that their origins date back thousands of years. The Babylonians have the earliest record of a new year resolution while planting their crops in early Spring they promised to repay their debts to the gods. This spring time tradition marked the beginning of a new year. Romans changed the start of the new year to January honoring the two- faced god “Janus” who was said to simultaneously look back into the past and into the future at the same time. These beginnings are a far cry from the diet focused New Year’s resolutions of 2018, huh? This information got me thinking; how can we look forward while remembering and honoring our past instead of the modern practice of scrutinizing our bodies, vowing to commit to intense exercise regimes, and changing our diets? Continue reading…