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Soul Team Spotlight: Colleen McClellan

Monte Nido & Affiliates Lead Admissions Specialist Colleen McClellan, MS shares her personal journey at Monte Nido Affiliates. Colleen shares what brought her back to MNA after leaving for a short period of time and why she is so passionate about the work she does.

What programs did you start working at with Monte Nido & Affiliates?

I started working at Monte Nido Rivertowns when it opened. We were able to train as a team for a few weeks prior to opening which was an amazing experience.

What was your favorite part of that job?

At Rivertowns, I got to do a little bit of everything which I loved but my favorite part was probably working with the clients on their day of admit and then being at their graduation to see their journey come full circle

How long were you there and why did you leave?

I was at Rivertowns for a little over 2 years before I decided to take a risk & move to Denver since I spent my entire life on the East Coast- I was ready for an adventure!

Where did you go from there?

I started working for EDCare which is a PHP/IOP eating disorder treatment facility in Colorado.

What made you consider coming back?

For me, I knew I wanted to come back to Monte Nido & Affiliates when the timing felt right. The program philosophies have always aligned with my values & the timing really was perfect!

What interested you about your current position?

I have always loved Admissions & have such a deep respect for the work that goes on behind the scenes to help a client seek treatment. When I was asked to be the Lead for Clementine & OPC I was excited to learn more about those programs.

What is a typical day like for you?

I’m not going to lie- most of my days fly by so quickly that I wonder how it’s possible! On my drive IN to work I’m usually listening to my wake up playlist to get me ready for the day. Once I’m at work, I generally start with checking emails to make sure I’m not missing any updates & then I dive in with speaking to potential clients & their families or placing a client at a location with availability that is the best fit for them. The day usually ends with me unwinding at home watching reality tv (I can’t help it).

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When I’m not unpacking from my move, I enjoy relaxing with my boyfriend & exploring my new city. I haven’t been to the beach just yet but I am so excited to be near water again (& also find a hair product that works in the humidity).


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