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All eating disorders are severe mental health disorders with severe health risks, but the bulimia nervosa disorder is perhaps one of the most concerning.  The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) says that the rate of suicide is high among people who have bulimia nervosa and there is a 3.9 percent crude mortality rate among individuals who have this form of eating disorder.

Seeking the right kind of treatment for a bulimia nervosa disorder in Westchester is, for this reason, important. At Monte Nido, we have many years of eating disorder treatment experience. We strive to provide compassionate environments where healing comes naturally.

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Understanding the Bing-Purge Cycle of Bulimia Nervosa & Associated Risks

One of the trademark symptoms of bulimia nervosa is binging and purging. In general terms, this means consuming a large amount of food in a short time food and then quickly purging it from the system before the body has a chance to break it down properly. Beneath the physical act of binging and purging, however, there is another cycle taking place that is more psychological in nature. The cycle of binge-purge-repeat is typically triggered by things like:

  • Something that causes an emotional upset or anxiety, like an argument with a loved one
  • Restricting food intake until there is an almost loss of control over food intake
  • Feelings of guilt or shame associated with the disorder, which is a common bulimia nervosa effect
  • Dangerous self-criticism that brings on feelings of helplessness

Once a bulimia nervosa diagnosis is confirmed, therapists work with clients to better understand their binge-purge cycle and what emotional triggers are involved. Through certain forms of therapy, the individual is better capable of recognizing their personal triggers and learning how to cope with them using more beneficial behaviors.

Type of Therapy Involved in Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

The program components vary according to the bulimia nervosa treatment center’s methodology and the needs of the person being treated. Initially, the most important factor in bulimia nervosa treatment is to make sure the individual feels comfortable in the environment and with the people who are providing the treatment. Beyond that, it is critical to create an individualized plan of action that addresses the multiple issues that are associated with bulimia nervosa. Some of the forms of therapy involved in treatment can be:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Nutritional and diet counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Group and social therapy
  • Medical therapy to address physical ailments
  • Recovery therapy to introduce new life skills

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The Advantages of Finding Bulimia Nervosa Treatment in Westchester

Known as the most populated county in the inland area of the state of New York, Westchester is called home by almost one million people. The bustling urban location is home to such attractions as the Hudson River Museum and the Westchester Jazz Orchestra. Therefore, there is always something to do and see in the area. If you are looking for a place to keep your mind occupied, a bulimia nervosa treatment center in Westchester could be the right solution.