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Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Center in Portland, Oregon

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Bulimia nervosa is a serious mental health condition that affects people of all ages, races, genders and cultural backgrounds. In fact, bulimia nervosa is one of the most common and recognizable eating disorders in the United States today. The condition is characterized by a recurring cycle of binge eating and purging behaviors like self-induced vomiting. Additionally, individuals with bulimia nervosa often experience a negative body image and depression.

For individuals interested in bulimia nervosa treatment in Portland, Monte Nido, provides comprehensive day treatment in a comfortable and home-like setting. While in treatment, our clients will benefit from access to both psychiatric and medical care, the highest level of care available outside of a hospital setting.

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Seeking Treatment for a Bulimia Nervosa Diagnosis in Portland

Individuals with a bulimia nervosa diagnosis are at risk for developing many harmful long-term health effects if they do not seek treatment for the disorder. However, before you finalize your search for bulimia nervosa treatment center, it’s important to learn more about the health consequences associated with this type of eating disorder.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • An obsession with food, counting calories, and excessive dieting are common in individuals with bulimia nervosa. This obsession can result in hiding or hoarding food away, eating in secret and avoiding social situations involving food.
  • People with this condition may also skip meals frequently, use the restroom often during and after meals, drink excessive amounts of water in an effort to feel “full” and experience a lack of self-control when binge eating.
  • Loved ones may notice the evidence associated with self-induced vomiting as well. Disappearing to the restroom is common and family may hear the toilet flushing often in a single trip. Other signs of vomiting after eating include calluses on the knuckles or back of hands, discolored teeth and bad breath.

Long-Term Bulimia Nervosa Effects

  • Frequent purging can lead to severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that affect every major organ. However, electrolyte imbalances most often have the greatest negative effect on the heart. It is common for people with the condition to experience an irregular heartbeat and even heart failure without treatment.
  • Many women with bulimia nervosa experience infrequent menstrual periods and in some cases, may stop having a period at all. With treatment, most will find that their body does eventually return to a normal menstrual cycle but this can take months or even years.
  • Regular episodes of self-induced vomiting can also put a great deal of strain on the esophagus. If a vomiting episode is particularly violent, the esophagus can also tear and bleed. Repeated vomiting can also result in tooth decay and long-term enamel erosion.

The Good News – Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa Disorder in Portland, OR

The city of Portland is the largest in the state of Oregon and conveniently situated along the banks of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Portland is well-known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, alternative culture and much more. At just a 3-hour drive from Seattle and less than 2 hours to the Oregon coast, Portland is a very popular tourist destination as well. At Monte Nido, we believe Portland is an ideal recovery location for clients that are interested in day treatment, as it provides a relaxing and inviting space to begin bulimia nervosa recovery.

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