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Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Center in Malibu, CA

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Bulimia Nervosa Treatment in Malibu, California

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Bulimia nervosa is a very common and serious mental health condition that affects people of all ages, sexes, genders, ethnicities, races and socioeconomic groups. Characterized by a reoccurring cycle of binge eating and purging behaviors, those with this disorder often experience feelings of negative body image, frequent dieting, and other restrictive behaviors around food and meals.

Early intervention is critical in the eating disorder recovery process. For those seeking bulimia nervosa treatment in Malibu, Monte Nido provides both medical and psychiatric care. Our residential bulimia nervosa treatment program is designed to help clients take the first steps toward a full recovery in a relaxed, luxurious and home-like setting.

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Navigating a Bulimia Nervosa Diagnosis in Malibu

Before one can seek treatment for bulimia nervosa eating disorder in Malibu, it is important to take the time to better understand the health consequences associated with this disorder. While bulimia nervosa and other common eating disorders can develop at any life stage, they most often appear during early adolescence and young adulthood. In the United States alone, bulimia nervosa affects approximately 4.7 million females and 1.5 million males.

Common Signs and Symptoms


  • In general, individuals with bulimia nervosa experience behaviors that center around weight loss, dieting and controlling food intake. Family members may initially find evidence of binge eating behaviors such as hoarding or hiding food away and the disappearance of large amounts of food in short periods of time.
  • People with bulimia nervosa often have a fear of eating with others or eating out in public. They may skip meals regularly or only take small portions when eating with others.
  • Purging behaviors may also become more evident over time and include frequent trips to the bathroom during and after meals, the presence of wrappers or container that indicate laxative and diuretic use or the signs and smells of frequent vomiting.

Potential Long-Term Health Risks


  • Individuals with bulimia nervosa often binge eat on foods that are particularly high in both fat and sugars and low in protein. And while they purge the food that they binge, some of the food does remain in the body – which can lead to high blood sugar levels and development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Women with a history of bulimia nervosa are at a high risk of infrequent periods or the loss of menstrual periods altogether. This can ultimately disrupt regualr periods and menstrual cycles for some time after recovery.
  • Electrolyte imbalance is very common in those with bulimia nervosa and can result in poor overall organ health. Over time, this can result in a variety of cardiac complications including irregular heartbeat and in severe cases, heart failure.

The Good News – Eating Disorder Treatment at Monte Nido

While bulimia nervosa is a very serious mental health condition, successful and long-lasting recovery is possible. At the Monte Nido bulimia nervosa treatment center in Malibu, clients have access to medical and psychiatric care. Utilizing the most advanced therapy options available, we encourage our clients to work toward achieving and maintaining a positive relationship with food, body image, and self-worth.

Full recovery is within your reach. We can help. 888.228.1253