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Anorexia nervosa is a very serious mental health condition that affects people of all ages, sexes, genders, races and cultural groups. The condition is characterized by dramatic weight loss or the lack of weight gain as well as self-imposed caloric intake restrictions. Additionally, people with anorexia nervosa have difficulties maintaining a weight that is appropriate for their age, height, and stature. They often have a negative or distorted body image, restricting the number of calories they consume daily and failing to see that they are underweight in many cases.

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For individuals interested in comprehensive anorexia nervosa treatment in Portland, Monte Nido offers the highest level of psychiatric and medical care outside of a hospital setting. Our day treatment program is designed to help clients find the tools they need to begin the anorexia nervosa recovery process in a safe and comfortable setting.

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Navigating Your Anorexia Nervosa Diagnosis in Portland

While an anorexia nervosa diagnosis can feel devastating, successful recovery is possible. But before families begin searching for the right anorexia nervosa treatment center, it’s important to understand the potential long-term health consequences associated with this type of eating disorder.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • The first symptom that most people notice is dramatic weight loss. Individuals with the condition may dress in layers or baggy clothing in an attempt to hide their body shape. There are often statements to loved ones about feeling overweight, despite weight loss.
  • An obsession with food, calories, dieting, and exercise is also a major warning sign. People with anorexia eating disorder may cook meals for others without eating themselves, make excuses for skipping meals and avoid social situations that involve food.
  • This obsession with food can go even further, causing people to practice different food “rituals.” These may include only eating a specific food for every meal, eating food in a certain order, chewing food excessively and cutting out entire food groups like carbs, sugars, etc.

Potential Long-Term Health Risks

  • Women with anorexia nervosa may find that, over time, their menstrual periods are very infrequent. In fact, some women stop having a period altogether. While this can usually be corrected as the body begins to regulate after treatment, some women may deal with menstrual irregularities for several months or years.
  • For people who develop the condition in childhood or early adulthood, malnutrition is very common. This can result in issues with normal development and eventually cause them to develop osteoporosis, making them much more vulnerable to bone fractures and breaks.
  • Extreme dieting and calorie restriction can also cause electrolyte imbalances in the body that have a negative effect on all organ systems. These electrolyte imbalances often have the greatest effect on heart health. If left untreated, leading to an irregular heartbeat, mitral valve prolapse and in severe cases, heart failure.

The Good News – Anorexia Nervosa Recovery in Portland, OR

Conveniently situated along the banks of the Columbia and Willamette rivers, Portland is the largest in Oregon. The city is also known for offering many beautiful outdoor spaces, a hip arts and culture scene and much more. Located just 3 hours from Seattle and less than 2 hours to the Pacific coast, Portland is a popular tourist destination for visitors across the globe. At Monte Nido, we believe that this tranquil and welcoming city is a great place to begin the anorexia nervosa recovery process.

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