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Evolving with Purpose: Monte Nido’s Brand Refresh Journey

Monte Nido Branding

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand refresh for Monte Nido and our family of programs including Walden, Rosewood, and Clementine. This exciting transition, which officially begins on Thursday, May 16th, marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide unmatched care and support to our communities. 

Why a Brand Refresh? 

At Monte Nido, our mission has always centered on delivering exceptional care with empathy and integrity. Over the years, we’ve grown—not just in size but in our ability to impact lives positively. Our refresh reflects that growth. It’s designed to unify our diverse programs under a single cohesive and recognizable identity, while still honoring the unique aspects of each program. 

The refresh includes a new logo that is now live across our websites and soon, all our communication materials. This logo and the accompanying design elements represent collaboration, inclusivity, compassion, and integrity—principles at the heart of our mission. 

What’s New? 

Our brand refresh is more than just a visual makeover. It’s about enhancing how we connect with you. Our new look unifies our programs. Whether you’re interacting with Monte Nido, Monte Nido Walden, Monte Nido Rosewood, or Monte Nido Clementine, you’ll notice a consistent look and feel that reinforces our shared values and standards of outcomes-backed care. No matter where you are on your journey with us or who you’re speaking with, it’s clear you are part of the Monte Nido family. 

Monte Nido Brand Refresh

Continued Commitment to Care 

It’s important to emphasize that while our look has changed, our commitment to you remains the same. Our clinical programming and insurance coverage are not changing. We remain devoted to providing the highest standard of care, empowering our local programs to meet community needs effectively. 

Join Us on This New Journey 

Whether you are a partner, a client, or a team member, your support and feedback are invaluable. For any questions, guidance, or to see what’s new please don’t hesitate to reach out or follow us on our social media channels found in the footer of this page.  

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together and are excited to step into this new chapter with you. Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. 

Anthony Modano
Chief Marketing Officer
Monte Nido