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The Art of Nutrition: the similarities and differences between our three programs philosophies and approaches

Oliver-Pyatt Centers, Monte Nido and Clementine are three eating disorder treatment programs that operate with the same intention: To support individuals healing from eating disorders and to help them realize their potential of full recovery. That being said, we understand treatment is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Our three directors of nutrition come from the same underlying dietary philosophy that combines medically based research in the treatment of eating disorders with practices that help individuals learn to confidently nourish themselves independently. By understanding the slight differentiators that are practiced in all three facilities, it becomes easy to see that though the day-to-day may differ for clients from facility to facility, the fundamental reasoning for these different practices come from the same place.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers in Miami offers comprehensive, day treatment, transitional living and intensive out-patient programs for women seeking eating disorder recovery. Our program uses thoughtfully planned, supported food exposures to challenge food rituals, beliefs and judgments while building skills and laying the foundational understanding of the role hunger, fullness and satiety play in self-nourishment.  We work with a variety of mindful eating techniques, paying particular attention to hunger and fullness cues, while implementing a medically indicated and individually structured meal plans. Our hope is that this combination lays the groundwork for a future of intuitive eating as our clients move toward full recovery after discharge.

Monte Nido treatment centers offers residential, day and intensive outpatient programming and transitional living for clients seeking eating disorder recovery. At Monte Nido treatment centers, we work with our clients to support their nutritional, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing.  With treatment of the whole person as our guide, our initial goal is to build rapport with our clients, to gain an understanding of an individual’s challenges and to formulate an individualized treatment plan that promotes movement away from eating disorder ideals and towards whole health. Using thoughtfully planned, supported exposures to a variety of food and eating environments, active challenging of eating disorder behaviors, and individualized, structured meal plans, we work with our clients to support the development of the skills required for a life of conscious eating.

Lastly, Clementine is strategically structured for the treatment of adolescents with philosophies that pull from both of its parent programs. Our dietary practices are no exception; nutritional practices are based on research that is aligned with adolescent growth and development. We practice mindful eating techniques before and during meals and reflect after mealtime. There is an emphasis placed on healing the whole family through education, family food exposures and individual work with the family.

While on paper all three programs appear somewhat different, our objectives remain the same. In the next few weeks we’ll dive into the specifics of each program to reveal some more key similarities and differences between the three programs. Our first in-depth look at nutrition will be focused on Monte Nido programs next week.


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