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Using the same philosophy and protocols of Monte Nido & Affiliates, Eating Disorder Center of Portland is a day treatment and intensive outpatient program located in John’s Landing area of Portland. EDCP is available for male and female adolescents and adults who are transitioning from residential care needing a higher level of treatment than outpatient or for those who need a little more structure, as well as group support, than weekly therapeutic sessions.

EDCP places high priority on individual care including treatment planning and individual therapeutic sessions for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and exercise addiction. Under the guidance of Carolyn Costin, having treated in eating disorders for over 30-years, an advocate and author, the program specializes in treating the co-occurring issues often surrounding an eating disorder such as alcohol and drug addiction, depression, isolation, obsessive-compulsive disorders and anxiety.

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About Monte Nido
Services Offered

  • Partial hospitalization program 7 days a week/ 6 hours a day
  • IOP step down options available 3-5 days a week/ 3 – 4 hours a day
  • Evidence based and state-of-the-art protocols
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that includes recovered professionals
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • A natural environment proven to be conducive to healing
  • Higher amount of individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapy that solidifies and establishes other components of treatment
  • Family therapy including individual family sessions and multi-family groups
  • Unique level system that meets the client where the client and is re-evaluated as client progresses through the program at her own pace

  • A Letter from EDCP's Clinical Director:

    Welcome to the next step in your journey towards healing. I am honored to be the Clinical Director at the Eating Disorder Center of Portland, where we offer a Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program for the treatment of Eating Disorders in both men and women. Honored because I have the privilege of working with a dedicated team of professionals, clients, and families that challenge and amaze me each and every day. I know how scary it can be to venture into the unknown and to take a risk for yourself or your loved one. A part of you may feel hopeful, while another part, the eating disorder, often feels resistant, beaten up, or hopeless. We understand that uncertainty and are here to walk beside you as you develop new ways of living and relating to yourself and others.

    Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you need anything at all.

    With much respect and admiration.


    Clinical Director

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Our Residential Facilities in CA, OR and MA are Joint Commission Accredited. EDCC is CARF Accredited.
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