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Eaters Agreement

Equally important is our belief that in healing eating and exercise disorders, we must engender meaning and purpose in our clients’ lives by providing non-denominational spirituality and what we call “Tending the Soul.”

In this aspect of our program, we work with eating disorder symptoms as the voice of a disconnected soul, and we listen carefully and learn from them. Once our clients are reconnected to the spiritual, sacred, and soulful aspects of life; the need for the symptoms diminishes, and they can begin to leave their eating disorder behind.

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To set their intention for ongoing recovery, clients at Monte Nido write an “Eaters Agreement” for themselves and read it at their graduation ceremony. One client’s agreement is shared here »

eaters agreement


I hereby agree, from this day forward, to live fully and completely, outside the box of anorexia nervosa. I will no longer hide my fears of life behind fears of food. I will no longer resort to literally shrinking away from the world when disappointments bombard me or choices overwhelm me.

I will no longer reduce my existence to controlling my body. I am more than my body—I am a beautiful spirit, deserving broadened horizons and freedom from self-hate and restraint. My body is wise and forgiving; unconditionally loyal to the soul it harbors. As such, I will feed it unconditionally—in times of joy, pain, chaos, and doubt. For I can only address my hungers for life when I address my most basic hunger.

I have a need for emotional nourishment—love, creativity, voice, peace—whose fulfillment is based on satisfying my need for physical nourishment. I have passions and dreams that shall no longer be overshadowed by internal civil war, excitement and energy that shall no longer be drained in the name of self-destruction.

I am liberated, free to embrace life with all its beauty and all its fear, blessed with a new foundation of confidence in my ability to take care of myself, be compassionate with my needs, and acknowledge the desires of my whole self…body and soul.

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