Monte Nido

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook

Carolyn Costin, Spring, 2006

Carolyn Costin’s The Eating Disorder Sourcebook is for patients, professionals, and families who suspect or know that an eating disorder is affecting their lives. This is a guide for recovery and what to expect for professionals, patients and families including excerpts from patient’s journals and transcribed therapy sessions.

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook includes:

  • A chapter each on the current understanding of the sociocultural, psychological and biochemical causes of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.
  • Special topic chapters on exercise addiction, medication, and medical management.
  • A chapter on varying populations such as males and younger and older cases.
  • The delineation of assessment and therapeutic techniques with how to and what to expect chapters on individual, group and family therapy.
  • How to get the right help and how to choose a therapist
  • Explanations of the variety of treatment options available: outpatient, inpatient, residential a review of The Monte Nido treatment program.

Spanish Version: Carolyn Costin’s book The Eating Disorder Sourcebook has been translated into Spanish and is published by Editorial Diana in Mexico under the title “Anorexia, bulimia y otros trastornos de la alimentacion’, ISBN 968-13-3504-X. At present, the place most likely to have it in stock is Nana’s Book Warehouse in Calexico, CA. To order call 760- 357-6307 or email The cost is US $12.00 per copy, plus shipping.

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* Copy of book for review available upon request