Monte Nido

A Letter from Carolyn

HAVING RECOVERED MYSELF I know the pain and courage involved in accepting and then battling an eating disorder. Making the decision to enter a treatment program is a difficult step. Many factors have to be considered by you and those concerned with your welfare.

I believe that the Monte Nido’s approach to eating disorder treatment is what you, and others like you, have been waiting for.

In 1996, I opened the first Monte Nido treatment facility near my home in Malibu, California. Monte Nido offers treatment settings I would have liked to have available to me when I was suffering from my own eating disorder: located 
in beautiful homelike locations, which promote tranquility and connection to nature, providing an environment conducive to healing.

An important factor of Monte Nido’s success, and one reason why people say they choose Monte Nido, has to do with the loving, empathic staff, who know when to challenge and when to nurture. By disclosing my own recovery, I have attracted numerous qualified, compassionate and strong “recovered” professional staff as well as excellent staff who do not have an eating disorder history. They all offer hope that being fully recovered is possible and model lives where food, eating, exercise and weight are in proper perspective, demonstrating to our clients that full lives are possible.

Now Monte Nido has other affiliate programs, both residential and day treatment, and continues to grow due to its resounding success. Each program accepts a small number of clients, allowing for highly individualized treatment, which I believe is crucial for optimal growth and long-term recovery.


Carolyn Costin

MA, MEd, MFT Founder


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Carolyn Costin

“One way to think about the process is to remind yourself you are working toward something, you are learning to accept yourself where you are at this moment, are doing the best you can, and will continue working toward change. This will involve having compassion – for yourself.”