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Interview with Katherine Harbour, Monte Nido RainRock, Housekeeper

Tell us a little bit about yourself personally and professionally.  I am a widow, mother of three and grandmother of 4.

How long have you worked at Monte Nido? I started working at Monte Nido RainRock outside of Eugene, Oregon in October of 2007.

How did you hear about Monte Nido? I homeschooled my children, and when that was done started working with a friend cleaning people’s houses.  She answered an ad for housekeepers needed at RainRock, and we were hired. That was 13 ½ years ago!

What was your first job at Monte Nido and what was it like? I started as a housekeeper and that is my job now!

What’s kept you at Monte Nido? Not too long after beginning work here at RainRock, although I knew practically nothing about eating disorders, I came to the realization of how serious they are, and can ultimately lead to death.

What do you love most about your job? I realized that even though my job (which continues to be housekeeping), seems very insignificant, it is an important part of clients wellbeing while here.  I was working in a place that was saving lives, and I had a part to play in that!  My job is ever changing as staff and clients change, always interesting!  I see each client as a valuable person and I do what I can in my capacity to show them that.

Any final words, thoughts or wisdom? I’m thankful for my job and thankful that no matter how the staff changes, there is always kindness.