Monte Nido

Carrie Hunnicutt

With 20 years of behavioral health business development experience, Carrie combines world-class marketing, media, public relations, outreach and business development with a deep understanding of client care and treatment. Her contributions to the world of behavioral health business development – and particularly eating disorder treatment – go beyond simple marketing; she has actively developed leaders for her organizations and for the industry at large. She has received numerous awards for her work in the field and is a recognized presenter in the business development field.

Carrie boasts extensive education and experience in both marketing and outreach sides of the behavioral health industry, with advanced degrees in Rehabilitative Counseling from the University of Arizona and undergraduate degree from the Ancel School of Business at Western Connecticut State University. Her work as a Regional Clinical Outreach Manager for Sierra Tucson and then as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Monte Nido & Affiliates has led Carrie to be a leader in all aspects of the behavioral health industry.

Carrie’s passionate, ethical, and analytical approach to marketing in a sensitive industry like eating disorder treatment has led to recognition as a speaker at the Admissions & Marketing Symposium, and the Unsung Hero Award from the Caron Foundations Award Breakfast.

University of Arizona – MA, Counseling, 1992 – 1995
Western Connecticut State University – BA Ancell School of Business,
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Monte Nido & Affiliates, February 2015 – Present
David A. Brumer Excellence in Education Award, 2008