Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
"Between the stimulus and response is a space. In this space lie our growth and happiness."

Steven Covey

Carolyn Costin
to the client
HAVING RECOVERED MYSELF I know the pain and courage involved in accepting and then battling an eating disorder. Making the decision to enter a treatment program is a difficult step. Many factors have to be considered by you and those concerned with your welfare.

I believe that the Monte Nido's approach to eating disorder treatment is what you, and others like you, have been waiting for.

In order to come to a Monte Nido facility, you do not have to be ready to give up your eating or exercise disorder. We consider it our job to help you get ready to do that. We do not expect defined goals or even a clear commitment that you want to get better. Instead, we are prepared to help you define those goals and develop commitment. Working with our staff, many of whom are recovered themselves, you will learn that you can conduct your life free of your disorder, but you will ultimately have the power as to whether or not you choose to do so.

Monte Nido has successfully helped many others like you gain insight into the destructive behaviors and underlying emotional issues that interfere with being a healthy successful self. We give you the tools to restore your body and mind to a natural, healthy functioning state with our therapeutic protocols and using both allopathic and naturopathic treatments.

We believe you can be fully recovered, where food, weight and exercise are no longer used in self-destructive ways and where what you weigh is not more important than who you are. We are committed to helping you reach this goal.


Carolyn Costin M.A., M.Ed., M.F.T.,
Executive Director of all Monte Nido Affiliates