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"All my limitations are self-imposed, and my liberation can only come from true self-love."

Max Robinson

the program philosophy
Eating and exercise disorders are progressive and debilitating illnesses requiring medical, nutritional and psychological intervention. Individuals suffering from these disorders often need a structured environment to achieve recovery. However, all too often a person does well in a highly structured, regimented environment only to fall into relapse upon returning to a less structured situation. Our residential programs are designed to meet the individual needs of clients and their families in a way that gives them an increasingly higher level of responsibility and "teaches" them how to recover and sustain it. The atmosphere at Monte Nido and its affiliate programs, is professional and structured, but it is also warm, friendly, and family-like. We use highly dedicated staff members, many of whom are recovered themselves, thus serving as excellent role models. Our philosophy and environment inspires people to commit to overcoming obstacles that are interfering with the quality of their lives.

We are innovative and unique.
All Monte Nido programs are designed to achieve behavior and mood stabilization in a climate where destructive behaviors can be interrupted. Clients can then work on the crucial underlying issues which cause and/or perpetuate their disordered eating and other dysfunctional behaviors. In addition to individual, group and family therapy, we provide education, nutritional counseling, fitness training, life skills training, mindfulness and spiritual enhancement, all in a beautiful, serene setting.

Our treatment philosophy includes restoring biochemical functioning and nutritional balance,
implementing healthy eating and exercise habits, changing destructive behaviors, and gaining insight and coping skills for underlying emotional psychological issues. We believe that eating and exercise disorders are illnesses which, when treated correctly, can result in full recovery where the individual can resume a normal healthy relationship to food and activity.

Nutrition and exercise are not simply a part of our program.
We recognize these as crucial areas of recovery. Therefore, we deal with nutritional status, metabolism, and biochemistry, and teach clients what this information means in terms of their recovery. Our fitness trainer performs assessments and develops a fitness plan suitable for each client. Our detailed attention to the nutrition and exercise component of treatment reveals our dedication to these areas as part of a plan for a healthy, lasting recovery.

Monte Nido programs place an emphasis on providing life-enhancing experiences.
We believe that the ability to enjoy life is robbed by an eating or exercise disorder. We also believe that focusing on eradicating the disorder is not enough. We must find things to replace the disorder, motivating clients to get better in order to enjoy what life has to offer. With this goal in mind, all our clients, regardless of what level they are on, spend time on outings at least two to three times a week. Our weekly outings and special events include trips to restaurants, book stores, museums, plays and other performances, movies, hikes, parks, canoeing, equine therapy, a ropes course and numerous other activities. These outings not only promote an opportunity for building skills in relating to others and the community but also provide joy and keep clients connected with continued reasons to recover.

Equally important is our belief that in healing eating and exercise disorders we must engender purpose and meaning in our clients' lives by providing non-denominational spirituality and what we call "Tending The Soul." In this aspect of our program, we work with eating and exercise disorder symptoms as the voice of a disconnected soul and we listen carefully and learn from them. At the same time we work to instill soulfulness and a spiritual dimension back into the lives of our clients. Once clients are reconnected to the spiritual, sacred and soulful aspects of life, the need for the symptoms diminishes.
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