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"If I did not want others to violate my life, how could I voluntarily violate it myself?"

Richard Wright

Eating Disorder Treatment
Eating Disorder Treatment: Help for Eating Disorders

Both Monte Nido and Rain Rock programs for anorexia treatment, bulimia treatment, binge eating disorder treatment and exercise addiction treatment are unique in many ways.

  1. All of the Monte Nido residential programs are homes located in beautiful serene settings, which promote tranquility and connection to nature. Our locations significantly contribute to providing a healing environment. Each program accepts only a small number of clients, allowing for highly individualized treatment, which we believe is crucial for optimal growth and long-term recovery.

    Nestled in the foothills of Malibu, the original Monte Nido Facility resides on 2 acres of pine, oak, sycamore, and fruit trees, living up to its name, Mountain Nest. Surrounded by a state park with hiking trails that lead to the beach, Monte Nido is a secluded, gated estate equipped with a gym, Jacuzzi, and a private bath and deck in each bedroom. Our home-like atmosphere provides comfort in a unique setting where the challenges necessary for recovery take place.

    Rain Rock lives up to its name, evoking the healing properties of both earth and water combined. The secluded park-like setting is private yet expansive with abundant manicured grounds and the constant energy and flow of the river.

  2. Both Monte Nido and Rain Rock residential programs are very small, intimate facilities. For example, each facility only takes 6-10 clients at a time, all women, and only those suffering from anorexia, bulimia or exercise addiction.

  3. We are not a 12-step based program. Although we believe that the 12-step philosophy can be useful, we believe that eating and exercise disorders are not addictions in the same sense as drugs and alcohol, and that one can become fully "recovered" from these disorders. If one of our clients has another addiction, or for appropriate reasons, wishes to go to 12-step meetings, we arrange this on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Because we are small and have a family-like environment, our unique level system allows each client to gain increasing freedom and responsibility for her own recovery. By the end of her stay, each client should be shopping for and preparing her own food, as well as monitoring her own exercise as she would when she returns home.

  5. A large percentage of our staff members have recovered from eating disorders. This offers a unique situation where clients have the opportunity to experience and work with numerous trained professionals who are also role models of personal recovery.

  6. Our fitness and exercise component is varied and comprehensive including activities for both body and mind. We combine cardio workouts with weight training and yoga for a well-rounded approach. We also want our clients to be involved in activities that are geared more for fun than just fitness. With this in mind we provide hiking, basketball, beach walks, dancing, and various group activities.

  7. We believe that our clients need to be "turned on" to life again and that part of healing is experiencing joy in living. Because we are a small group, it is easy for us to go to a variety of special events, such as the theater, dance and music concerts, theme parks, pottery and drum making workshops, a local horse ranch, and various of unique restaurants.

  8. The founder and clinical director, Carolyn Costin, recovered herself, maintains a personal hands on approach. She has individual sessions with every client as well as running primary and special topics groups. Carolyn is also involved in taking clients to special activities and events. Her personal touch is felt everywhere at our facilities.

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Our Residential Facilities in CA, OR and MA are Joint Commission Accredited. EDCC is CARF Accredited.
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