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Carolyn talks about Monte Nido, cultural influences, diets to disorder and healing from an eating disorder.

Watch Carolyn talk about Monte Nido, cultural influences, diets to disorder and healing from an eating disorder:

  • Healing From An Eating Disorder
  • Choice versus Illness with Eating Disorder
  • Carolyn speaks about her new book, "8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder"
  • From Diet to Disorder

Client Testimonials:

  • Monte Nido client: why they chose Monte Nido
  • Yoga at Monte Nido Residential Facility

In the News/Media:

TV, Radio & PodCasts of Carolyn Costin, Founder and Executive Director of Monte Nido & Affiliates Treatment Programs.
  • Monte Nido & Documentary Film "America the Beautiful 2" Trailer
  • Hear Carolyn's interview with Doris Smeltzer on her Radio Program
  • Hear Carolyn's interview with Shannon Cutts of MentorConnect
  • Carolyn discusses her background in eating disorder education, offering advice about enrolling at Monte Nido Eating Disorder Treatment Center
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