Binge Eating Disorder: Warning Signs and Symptoms

While most Americans have heard about common eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, most don’t realize that binge eating disorder is a separate psychological illness on the rise among people of all ages. Characterized by frequent episodes of eating excessive amounts of food, even without feeling hungry, binge eating disorder can result in an increased risk for several severe health conditions including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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Taking Recovery One Day At A Time and More Inspirational Articles

Join us in reading soulful articles we have cultivated from across the web. If you have found an article you feel is inspirational, explores current research, or is a knowledgeable piece of literature and would like to share with us please send an e-mail here.

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Adolescents and Eating Disorders: What Are the Signs?

The adolescent years are a time of growth and transformation in many ways. Children will come up against new challenges and changes biologically, mentally and physically as they move into their teen years and into adulthood. They will work on becoming more independent, establishing new relationships outside of the home and learning to accept their changing bodies.

Along with physical development, they will also be working through new internal developments. With so many changes physically and psychologically, some adolescents will develop one or more eating disorders during this complicated time in life. While many advancements have been made when it comes to eating disorder treatment, parents should be aware that adolescents often need specialized eating disorder therapy.

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Soul Team Spotlight: Colleen McClellan

Monte Nido & Affiliates Lead Admissions Specialist Colleen McClellan, MS shares her personal journey at Monte Nido Affiliates. Colleen shares what brought her back to MNA after leaving for a short period of time and why she is so passionate about the work she does.

What programs did you start working at with Monte Nido & Affiliates?

I started working at Monte Nido Rivertowns when it opened. We were able to train as a team for a few weeks prior to opening which was an amazing experience.

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8 Ways to Tend the Soul During Eating Disorder Treatment

There are a number of different aspects to eating disorder counseling. Some are physical, and some are psychological, but all of them are very important. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that tending to the soul during eating disorder treatment is just as important as tending to the body. Not everyone is expecting this approach when they look for treatment, but learning to care for themselves on a level that’s not just physical is one of the most important things any individual can do as they experience the journey toward being fully recovered.


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A Letter to Loved Ones Part Two: Connect

Monte Nido & Affiliates Education Training Manger Jacquie Rangel continues her heartfelt series for anyone supporting a loved-one with an eating disorder. Read on to learn from Jacquie’s personal experience… 

Read Part One of Jacquie’s Series HERE.

Connect. Take any one human’s dietary choices and simply turn to Google to find hundreds of people who would be willing to tear it, and furthermore, that person to pieces. We have moralized food to the point of hostility and we find ourselves picking sides. We use what a person puts in their body to determine their worth as a person and measure it against our own. It is time that everybody, not just individuals who have lived with eating disorders, begin to call out these acts of dietary warfare and evaluate the role they play in feeding the problem.

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Understanding Binge Eating Disorder – It’s Not a Lack of Willpower

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a very real issue. More misunderstood than disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, getting an accurate diagnosis for this clinical presentation  can sometimes be a challenge. After all, for the person who is facing the binging episodes, it can sometimes feel like well-meaning friends and family members may perpetuate myths about the disorder and its causes. However, with a more evidence-based understanding of BED, many people come to realize that not only is binge eating disorder recovery a possibility, but that with the help of an eating disorder recovery center many patients can work to develop a mindful relationship with food and their bodies.

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A Letter to Loved Ones

Monte Nido & Affiliates Education Training Manger Jacquie Rangel shares a heartfelt series for anyone supporting a loved-one with an eating disorder. Jacquie shares some advice of how to best be there for your loved one from her personal experience. 

To all who are supporting a loved-one with an eating disorder:

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Part Two Summertime in Recovery: Social Events & School/Work

Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Manhattan Lead Therapist Colleen Baker, LMSW continues her series with a few more tips to help manage potential challenges and triggers summertime can present while in recovery. To read part one of Colleen’s series, click HERE.

3. The social one: Many of the clients I work with see recovery at any point during the year as an intricate integration of “normal” social functions. These activities can promote heightened anxiety, more pressure to challenge themselves to sit with discomfort and an opportunity to spend time with the people in their lives they find supportive and those who are potentially toxic. When you throw in the expectations that arise socially during the summer months, the pressure to perform, live up to expectations, and manage urges without using symptoms can feel impossible to cope with.

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Understanding Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge that one has an eating disorder—but with that acknowledgment can come motivation to begin the process of treatment. Most eating disorder treatment centers offer a variety of eating disorder treatment programs. The first stage of the recovery process is identifying which treatment options for eating disorders are ideal for one’s specific circumstances.

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