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Our Exercise Program

The following is an example of what clients say about our exercise program
(view on video what clients say about excercise at Monte Nido)

Exercise Room"When considering treatment programs, I found it important that exercise was included because it was an essential part of a lifestyle

The exercise program at Monte Nido was extremely valuable to me because after gaining weight at previous treatment programs, which did not incorporate exercise, I hated my body. I felt like I was just gaining weight and not acquiring any strength or muscle and consequently I lost all the weight I had gained.

The fitness training I received at Monte Nido was great and it was nice that there was a variety of activities adapted to each individual's needs.

I recovered the ability to be active as I once was in my sport. I found that the various exercise and activities made me feel alive and gave me strength and hope that I could once again participate in life and best of all play - all of my sports again." EV

What is the exercise program like?
Many of the therapists at our facility have struggled with some type of eating or exercise disorder in their past and thus have special insight into the problems associated with exercise in many eating disorder clients. Our therapists maintain a calm, caring stance with the goal of helping the individual define what he or she needs, rather than a program based on punishment or taking things away. We believe that clients need to develop a sense of faith and trust in their body and that self-care is an important component of any exercise or training program. With the help of exercise trainers, along with the treatment team, we assist the client in developing a unique, healthy, balanced approach to exercise.

We have a variety of exercise activities including walking, yoga, circuit weight training, and swimming.

We also include exercise geared more for fun than fitness. With this in mind we provide hiking, basketball, beach walks, dancing and other outdoor activities.

Our exercise trainer, along with the staff, establishes an individualized plan for each client. Our goal is to help each client establish a healthy and balanced pattern of exercise. We re-establish exercise as a way to add joy to each client's life rather than just a way to burn calories.

We treat compulsive exercise or those people referred to as 'exercise addicts'. We also treat athletes. Our program takes particular care in treating this problem according to individual needs.

Ideally, before leaving, we want each client to be participating in the activities she will be doing at home.

Do you have a Gym?
Yes, we have a gym with both cardio and weight training equipment.

How much exercise will I be allowed to do?
Each individual will be evaluated for what is healthy for her body. We believe in creating an overall healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced amount of activity. We offer yoga, walks, circuit training, dance, hiking, basketball and when appropriate running and swimming.

Do you work with Athletes?
We do specialize in the treatment of female athletes. Since each athlete's needs are unique and different we take particular care in treating each person on an individual basis. When lack of nutrition is combined with hours of exercise, the body gets broken down at a rapid pace and residential or inpatient treatment may be required as a way to relieve the vicious cycle of nutrition deprivation combined with excessive exercise. In situations with athletes it is often difficult for those involved (the athlete, parents, coaches) to determine where the "appropriate" amount of training and attention to diet ends and the eating disorder begins. We work hard to help individuals distinguish between healthy and excessive behaviors.

We are sensitive to the factors that may have played a part in the development of an athlete's eating disorder. Ideas about perfection, pushing through pain, being in top physical form, focus on a low body weight and high muscle mass, demanding coaching and the prioritization of training and performance above all else can all factor into the development and maintenance of an eating disorder. All of this is to say nothing about the other areas in an athlete's life such as school, family and social life that may also have an influence on the thoughts and behavior that make an eating disorder possible.

Will I still be able to train?
We have an exercise program that allows for increased exercise as clients accomplish their eating and behavioral goals. On the higher levels of our program we begin to tailor the exercise activities to the particular sport or training needs of the client.
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